Bob Dyer’s (aka Bob the Tech Guy) interest in computers started way back in 1993 when Bob was serving his third year in the United States Marine Corps. He was intrigued in how the computers worked in the office of his platoon. Befriending some office Marines, he was shown a few small things and was instantly hooked. Before long, Bob was asking to spend some time with the Marines in the Administration office so that he can learn to use the software that they were using, and to do other basic operating system functions. Of course it’s never enough, so one day Bob was near a computer that was in his platoon’s building, and no one was around, so he decided to run a hard drive optimization function on the machine. It was half way completed when a superior ranked Marine came by and took notice of Bob at the computer terminal. He was reprimanded for touching it without authorization, and let’s just say that it wasn’t a good day for Bob in the Corps.

Fast forwarding a bit, Bob stayed in California where he was discharged from the Marine Corps, and went to school to advance his knowledge of computers. He eventually moved back to New Jersey to pursue a career in computer science. While working as a Network Administrator for a company in Oakhurst NJ, he noticed there was a large demand for PCs that needed repair, either hardware or software wise. Seeing this he started his computer repair business, Bob the Tech Guy.

Bob has seen a great many computer issues since inception in 2006, and has vast experience with troubleshooting any computer issue, including networking issues like cabling and switching. Bob is always developing new skill sets in line with the ever developing technological world. Bob brings this new knowledge to the Bob the Tech Guy team. One thing that stays consistent though with Bob the Tech Guy, is that the company provides professional service at reasonable rates. Once you’re a Bob the Tech Guy customer, chances are you’ll stay for life.

bob the tech guy