Automated On-Site and Cloud-based Backup 

What’s as bad as losing your wallet or cell phone? Losing your data! Who could see that power surge from a lightning bolt or that coffee spill coming? Sometimes you accidentally delete files or wipe your hard drive clean without doing a full backup. Lost data means lost work files and personal files like music, photos, and videos. Businesses especially must proactively back up data in a way that makes sense. Take action to prevent catastrophic data loss! Bob the Tech Guy will create a backup of your files and help you set up a routine to keep your data safe. In the past few years, data backup has come a long way, paving the way towards cloud computing. Why settle for backing up your data to a flash drive or CD/DVD when these can be lost or damaged? The latest technology for personal and small business data storage is commonly known as “cloud computing.” It is a worry-free solution to data backup and storage.

Cloud-based backup uses an Internet connection to send your data to a public “cloud”, where it is stored efficiently and cost-effectively. This is a secure and convenient way to store your data and protect against disaster. What if your computer system crashes and you lose everything? Just connect to the cloud and retrieve your stored data anytime! Bob the Tech Guy can set up a data backup and recovery system for your residence or business. He also provides hybrid solutions, combining cloud computing with an on-site computer server, to accomodate clients with more sophisticated systems.  Bob the Tech Guy is an expert who is highly proficient in deploying the best solutions for your needs.

Backup Solutions Services Include:

* Data backup or transfer from one device to another (can be a computer or an external hard drive). Cloud-based data backup makes a secure copy of your data that you can retrieve anytime. Bob the Tech Guy recommends this in addition to regular backups onto a hard drive.

* Installing manufacturer’s software and configuring automated backups to backup data to an external device.

* Creating a DVD of up to 9.4 GB of your backup data.

* Additional fee for data over 20 GB.

Also, keep your data secure with Bob the Tech Guy’s anti-virus and anti-malware service. This is a separate service for an additional fee.


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