Computer Set Up

So you have a new computer and you’re ready to start using it to its full potential. Let Bob the Tech Guy make sure your computer works right from the get-go! Bob the Tech Guy will update your system, connect your computer to the Web, set up user accounts, and install programs like your Internet security software, your favorite photo editing tool or Microsoft Office. Bob the Tech Guy will listen to your needs and provide a custom setup!

Computer Set Up Services Include:

• Physically setting up computer and connecting computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

• Installing critical system updates and set to automatically install future updates.

• Creating user accounts.

• Optimizing start-up and shutdown.

• Cleaning up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts.

• Removing unwanted programs and “trialware” that is pre-loaded.

• Testing network and Internet connectivity on existing network.

• Setting default web browser, homepage and search provider.

• Demonstrating basic functionality and answering any questions you may have.

• Installing and updating Internet security software.

• Installing and configuring software programs and apps (MS Office, Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.).

• Setting up email account(s).

• Installing hardware devices (printer, external hard drive, etc.).

• Anything else? Just ask!


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