Your computer, like any machine, will run better if it gets regular maintenance and care. It’s similar to when your car needs an oil change, new brakes, or new tires. Your PC will become sluggish over time due to a bloated registry, unnecessary programs, unoptimized storage and annoying pop-ups. Let Bob the Tech Guy get under the hood and delete those pesky temp files, update existing software and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in tip-top shape. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, Bob the Tech Guy can get your desktop or laptop running like brand-new!

Computer Tune Up Services include:

• Diagnosing performance problems and providing free estimates for solutions.

• Optimizing the boot process, start-up and shutdown.

• Cleaning up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts.

• Removing unwanted programs and “trial-ware” that is pre-installed.

• Cleaning up the registry and deleting temporary files.

• Hard Drive defragmentation and optimization.

• Installing critical system updates if necessary.

• Updating device drivers.

• Creating user accounts if applicable.

• Activating existing security and/or anti-virus software (software and installation not included).

• Vacuuming out dust from inside the computer, including fans and components.

• Wiping the exterior of the computer down.


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