There are multiple ways in which your residence or small business can take advantage of broadband sharing. While there are software packages that enable multiple computers to share via a “Do It Yourself” approach, Bob the Tech Guy does not recommend that approach due to its limitations. When Bob the Tech Guy is asked to setup a shared internet home office solution he will recommend a wireless router which, dependent on whether you have a DSL or Cable Modem situation, will also insure maximum security for your particular situation. For example, the router must take the number of computers in the household or business into consideration. In determining the best solution for your shared internet situation Bob the Tech Guy will determine the best method for providing the service you need, while maintaining security and performance. Bob the Tech Guy specializes in shared internet home office solutions. He is not only technically savvy to analyze your immediate situation, but also able to understand potential security threats down the road, such as outside systems trying to take advantage of your access point.

Email Setup Services Include:

* Create up to two email accounts

* Install and configure a 3rd party email application (if applicable)

* Transfer data from one email software application to another if necessary


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