Many of the so-called “Big Box Stores” that sell office supplies now have sales people with limited training who double as computer repair technicians. Often the technicians will run through a typical set of software diagnostics that may or may not lead to a favorable outcome. If the outcome is unfavorable they may suggest a computer repair store that will waste even more of your precious time or they might make a recommendation that points you in the direction of a new computer. Other retail outlets that have dedicated repair centers often send your computer to a central repair location that is often far (out of state) from the store that you brought your computer to. Not only do you run the risk of having your computer and data lost in the mail, but these repairs are typically expensive and may again lead to a recommendation to purchase a new computer.  Bob the Tech Guy is a licensed technician whose only goal is to fix your specific problem at your location. Our diagnostic center can often diagnose your problem and then rectify the problem remotely (without your computer leaving your sight). In having this capability, we can often fix the problem while you sit at your desk. Bob the Tech Guy will also come to your home or office should the problem require a more hands-on solution. Bob the Tech Guy can often service your computer on the day you call, and that includes weekends and evenings.


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