 Multiplatform network setup

 Wireless networking setup

 Home and Office Network Setup

For millions of residences, the choice to receive internet service is generally between a digital subscriber line or DSL or “Cable.” While cable with broadband technology is generally faster than DSL (as DSL comes in over phone lines), cable can slow quickly due to multiple users accessing the network simultaneously.  If proper security is not in place, virtually any computer in your network can view your information. Cable modems are fairly simple to hook up, which is one of the reasons they gained popularity. The telephone line technology related with DSL often requires a longer set-up process. Both DSL and Cable require modems and sometimes in the set-up of either system, residences can run into problems with the speed and the efficiency of their internet service. Bob the Tech Guy is knowledgeable in both DSL and Cable setup and in making sure that your modem is running properly. Bob the Tech Guy will be pleased to discuss internet provider advantages and disadvantages and answering all of your questions about maximizing security and performance.

Home Networking

There are multiple ways in which your residence or small business can take advantage of broadband sharing. While there are software packages that enable multiple computers to share via a “Do It Yourself” approach, Bob the Tech Guy does not recommend that approach due to its limitations. When Bob the Tech Guy is asked to setup a shared internet home office solution he will recommend a wireless router which, dependent on whether you have a DSL or Cable Modem situation, will also insure maximum security for your particular situation. For example, the router must take the number of computers in the household or business into consideration. In determining the best solution for your shared internet situation Bob the Tech Guy will determine the best method for providing the service you need, while maintaining security and performance. Bob the Tech Guy specializes in shared internet home office solutions. He is not only technically savvy to analyze your immediate situation, but also able to understand potential security threats down the road, such as outside systems trying to take advantage of your access point.

Wireless Networking

There has been a dramatic shift in the way residences and small businesses interconnect computers within relatively close areas. It’s not just computer to computer through a central signal any longer, but can include hand-held tablet computers to home entertainment centers or security systems; several computers to printers or copiers or even computers to home lighting or music. The network that allows wireless internet interconnectivity within a local area, or “LAN,” takes advantage of a wireless router or wireless access point. While the wireless interconnectivity technology offers an amazing array of technical solutions to everyday problems, it is not fool-proof and may require expertise in its set-up and trouble-shooting. Sometimes the solution to a wireless problem might be quite simple, such as proper router placement or the use of a more sophisticated antenna in association with your computer, while at other times it may call for the placement of wireless repeaters or manipulation of the channel. Bob the Tech Guy is an expert at solving wireless interconnectivity challenges within your home or small business space.

Networking Services Include:

* Physically setup and configure network settings for 1 router  

* Complete ISP (Internet service provider) setup and connect router to modem  

* Update router firmware (if needed)

* Give network a unique name (SSID)

* Enable wireless encryption on network to safeguard your personal information and

secure your broadband signal from use by others

* Change administrator username and password

* Enable devices to share the Internet, files, printers and other media (including photos, videos and music)

* Connect two networkable devices to the network (including network-enabled computers, gaming consoles, Blu-ray/DVD players, televisions and more)

* Test and repair network and internet connectivity (if needed)


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