If you’re concerned about the content your children view online, or if you want to place restrictions on their computer use, contact Bob the Tech Guy to set up parental controls. We can set up content filters to block age-restricted content, usage controls to enforce time limits and restrict program usage, and monitoring so you know what your children are doing. According to a study by McAfee, a leading Internet security company, 46 percent of surveyed parents didn’t know their kids were on social media sites such as Facebook. Even worse, 52 percent of parents said they never configured parental control settings. Don’t be an absentee parent when it comes to your children’s computer usage.

Parental Controls Services Include:

• Setting up parental controls within your operating system and web browser.

• Installation and configuration of parental controls software.

• Setting up parental controls for specific websites/apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

• Ensuring that your children cannot bypass the parental controls.

• Resolving any concerns you have regarding your children’s access to inappropriate and specific content.


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